Extension Engine Internship

Graphic Design Internship, Print and Digital Marketing Assets

I had the opportunity to intern for Extension Engine, a software company that designs and develops online learning platforms. During my internship, I worked closely with the marketing team to develop a variety of digital and printed materials including flyers, presentations, digital ads, white papers, landing pages, data visualization, graphics and more. Two examples of printed pieces I designed are shown in the photo above.

I designed consistent and professional layouts for a number of content heavy publications (see an example above). I also created numerous presentations using Google Slides and PowerPoint. An example of one presentation is shown below.

I also developed a number of graphics used in presentations, blog posts, and online courses. A few examples of these graphics are shown below.

Extension Engine was in the process of a complete rebranding during the time of my internship. Below are some of the blog, blog post, and landing page mockups that I created for one of the potential branding directions. The company chose a different direction for the rebranding, so these designs were not used.